In 3 Steps, Replace Old School Notes with New School Tech You Already Use

You have a computer, and your students have phones. Use ClassParrot to connect them both – safely, securely, privately. So you can update your students with the reminders they need!

I love ClassParrot. Now I can text my students without revealing my phone number, or asking for theirs.

Sign In to ClassParrot

Add one or all of your classes. We’ll assign a unique, private code to each class.

Students Text The Code

With any type of cell phone, your students (and their parents!) can simply text the unique code to ClassParrot.

Start Communicating!

Broadcast reminders, updates, info & notices to your students (and their parents). Students can text back directly.

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Teachers who use us experience high levels of happiness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I text my students?

Because students prefer text messaging to email, and because they actually pay attention to texts. Open rate for email is 22%. Open rate for text messages is 98%!

Why does texting work?

Unlike managing course details online, or checking email, texting doesn’t require that your students learn any new behaviors. They already text! And they like it!

Can I schedule messages for future sending?

Absolutely! Schedule a week’s worth of messages (or more) when you have a spare moment or two.

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