Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClassParrot?

ClassParrot is a website for teachers. It allows them to send text messages back and forth with students and parents, without revealing anybody's phone numbers.

How does ClassParrot work

Simple. First, the teacher adds their class to ClassParrot, which generates a unique code and phone number. The teacher then shares that code with their students or parents. Students and parents send a text message to the phone number to 'signup' for notifications for that class.

How much does it cost?

We want ClassParrot to always remain useful to you at the free level. The first 500 credits (messages) are free. Every month we'll add another 200 free credits to your account.

You can also get more by inviting your peers to use ClassParrot. We'll give you 200 credits for each person you invite who starts using ClassParrot. We'll also start them off with an extra 200 credits when they accept your invitation.

If you need unlimited credits, our unlimited plan for teachers is:
$9/month (or $90/year) for unlimited texts and unlimited classes.

For schools (or other groups of teachers) we offer a bundled plan:
$100/month (or $1000/year) for unlimited use up to 20 teachers
$200/month (or $2000/year) for unlimited use and unlimited teachers

I am a parent or a student. Can the teacher see my phone number?

No, teachers, students, and parents can never see each other’s phone numbers.

Why would we need ClassParrot when we can just text message directly?

Direct phone-to-phone text messaging presents legal risks for schools. Educators and students exchanging personal contact information create unavoidable liabilities that could potentially cause serious problems in an academic setting. Aside from being unsafe, traditional text messaging becomes cumbersome for educators because it is not intended for mass communication.

ClassParrot addresses both of these issues. It’s safe: ClassParrot is a closed messaging system where there is never any need to share personal information directly with students. It’s convenient: ClassParrot is optimized for all educators – including teachers, administrators, coaches, program facilitators, mentors and tutors. The system facilitates the enrollment process (for all message recipients) so that educators can effortlessly text one student or an entire class.

How do my students/parents sign up?

Students and parents sign up for notification by sending a text message to ClassParrot's phone number with a teacher's class code (e.g. text @algebra1 to 555-123-4555).

Will students see my number?

No, that’s the beauty of the whole thing. Students and teachers talk freely without giving up their privacy or taking on liability.

Do I need a smartphone?

No. Teachers use any computer to send messages. Students and parents can use any text-enabled phone (pretty much all of them these days are)

Can students and parents reply?

Yes! ClassParrot allows you to have text conversations with people who subscribe to your classes.

Why does ClassParrot allow two-way communication?

We believe that education is a two-way street. It allows students and parents to respond to teachers’ messages with questions or comments. It also opens up a world of opportunity for teachers to use text messaging as a quick polling/Q&A platform in and out of the classroom.

Are class codes case sensitive?


Does ClassParrot have a smart phone app?

Not yet. We're working on one.

How do students or parents opt out of receiving messages?

Replying with the word "stop" unsubscribes the student/parent from the class

As a teacher, how many classes can I add on ClassParrot?

As many as you like.

Do you support international messaging?

Sorry, only U.S. and Canada for now.

Will ClassParrot share my phone number?

No. Never. Ever.

I have more questions

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